Vehicle Detailing

Basic detail (basic valet)

Average time: 2hrs / Cost: R200

This is an extensive deep clean of all exterior surfaces using the two bucket method, ph neutral shampoos, non-marring techniques and an array of safe chemicals.

• rim faces, inner rims and behind spokes cleaned
• wheel arches and door shuts cleaned
• exterior glass cleaned
• tyres and trims dressed
• interior lightly vacuumed
• dash and all panels wiped down

Maintenance detail (Full valet)

Average time: 4hrs / Cost: R600

This is an advanced wash which includes a blow dry to the vehicle which removes trapped water. It also includes a paint protection top-up (wax, sealant, etc.).

• After a thorough safe wash, vehicle is blown dry
• A spray wax is used in the drying process to nourish and enhance the look of the paint
• Glass and exhaust tips are polished
• One layer of either a synthetic sealant or a carnauba wax is applied (both can be applied at an extra cost)
• Tyres and trim dressed
• Interior vacuumed

Protection & Enhancement detail

Average time: 1 day / Cost: R1490

This detail is the basis of any of our paint refinement package details. It includes everything in the Maintenance detail, plus:

• Tar and iron contaminates are treated and removed
• A clay bar application is then carried out to remove any remaining contaminates, leaving your paint feeling smooth and slick
• Vehicle is re-washed to remove clay lubricant, dried with plush microfibre towels and then blown dry to remove trapped water
• A machine polisher is then used to lightly polish the exterior paintwork. This polish/glaze nourishes the paint leaving it in the perfect condition for a wax or sealant to be applied
• One layer of either a synthetic sealant or a carnauba wax is applied (both can be applied at an extra cost)
• Glass and tail pipes polished
• Trim and tyres are dressed

Swissvax - Car Wax Hand made in Switzerland

Swissvax Paint Treatment

Average time: 1 day / Cost: R2000

With the Swiss reputation for quality, precision and meticulous attention to detail, we use the original, hand made in Switzerland, high performance car care - Swissvax. Treatment includes:

• Clay bar application
• Cleaner fluid treatment
• One coat Swissvax Wax
• Additional coatings optional at extra cost


Excellent Friendly Professional Service! Top top shelf grade products used. Highly recommended! Thank you very much Subaru Sti looks beautiful!

- Zain Williams

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